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Secure Your Property with the Best Klever Digital Locks in Singapore

If you are looking for a smart way to protect your home or office, consider a Klever digital lock singapore. Klever is a world leader in digital locks that is based in Switzerland. They offer a wide range of perfectly designed products for Singapore’s metal gates and main doors.

Klever digital locks are easy to use, durable, and stylish. You can access your property digitally with the help of Bluetooth, fingerprint, password or RFID card. You can also monitor and control your lock remotely via an app on your smartphone. Klever digital locks have advanced security features such as anti-theft alarms, fire detection, auto-locking, and emergency power supply.

Whether you need a push-pull, sliding, or swing door lock, Klever has it all. You can choose from 2 different models from our website, that is Klever K500F Bluetooth Push-Pull Digital Door Lock and Klever L53W Digital Door Lock. Being an authorized dealer of klever digital lock Singapore, we offer installation service and warranty for Klever digital locks

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Advanced Features of Klever Digital Locks for Superior Security in Singapore

These locks are designed to fit perfectly on your metal gates and main doors, giving you easy and convenient access to your sweet home. But what makes Klever Digital Lock Singapore stand out from the crowd? Let’s take a look at some of their advanced features that offer superior security and peace of mind.

Bluetooth Push-Pull Technology: With Klever Digital Locks, you don’t need to fumble with keys or remember passwords. You can use your mobile as a key & unlock your door with a push or pull motion. This feature is convenient and safe, preventing lock-picking and hacking attempts.

Fingerprint Recognition: Another way to unlock your door with Klever Digital Locks is by using your fingerprint. The locks have a high-quality biometric sensor that can recognize up to 100 fingerprints in less than a second.

Voice Guidance: If you prefer a more interactive way to operate your lock, you can use the voice guidance feature of Klever Digital Locks. The locks have a built-in speaker!

Anti-Theft Alarm: One of the most important features of Klever Digital Locks is their anti-theft alarm system. The locks have a sensitive shock sensor that can detect any forced entry attempts and trigger a loud alarm sound. This will alert and scare away intruders who try to break into your home.

Low Battery Alert: To ensure that your lock works smoothly at all times, Klever Digital Locks have a low battery alert feature that will notify you when the battery level is low. You can check the battery status on the lock screen or on the app on your phone. When the battery is running out, you can easily replace it with four AA batteries.

Some other features include:

TEXT indicator

-Prevention of electronic shock & static

-Etiquette Mode Function

-Prank Prevention Function


If you have any queries, just call us so you can learn more about the additional features!


As you can see, Klever Digital Locks have many advanced features, making them one of the best digital locks in Singapore. If you want to upgrade your home security with Klever Digital Locks, contact us today for more information and installation services.