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Make your life easier with push-pull handle & Lever handle Digital locks

We make our lives easier with push-pull and lever-handle digital locks. Pushing a button unlocks your door without fumbling around trying to find the right key. And if you’re living with a disability and need accessible locks, we offer many options to keep you safe.

Push-Pull Locks can add convenience to your life by letting you open your door from across the room. They are easy to install and use, requiring less physical exertion than knobs or levers.

Lever Handle Digital Locks are similar in design but require more hand strength than a push-pull lock since they require both hands on the knob at all times (or one hand plus foot).

While both types of digital locks work well for tight spaces where space is at a premium or for anyone who has difficulty grasping objects with their hands due to muscle weakness or arthritis pain caused by repetitive motion injuries over time…


Keypad Digital Lock and Keyless Entry


Keypad digital locks are the most common type of digital lock. With this type of lock, you enter your code on the keypad to unlock and open the door.

Keyless entry allows you to unlock and open your door without having a key. This makes it more convenient for guests who might forget their keys or have them misplaced during an emergency situation such as fire or flooding. However, it also means that no one has access who doesn’t know how much time they have before entering again (if at all).

If you are trying not just one but two different kinds of locks in a single home, then consider adding an electronic deadbolt first before moving onto other types like magnetic switches, which require electricity from somewhere else than where they are installed (elevator cable)

Push-Pull Digital Locks


Push-Pull digital locks are a convenient and secure way to access your home. It can be opened with a simple push or pull of the lever handle. These locks are easy to install, requiring no drilling into walls or doors.

The locking mechanism is concealed within the front panel of each lock, so there’s no visible hardware when closed; this also helps keep them out of sight when not in use!

Pricing Range : $599-$1489

Lever Handle Digital Locks

Lever handle digital locks are more common in Singapore than push-pull digital ones. They’re also more secure because they require a key to unlock them and make it harder for someone to break into your home if you lose the key. However, they’re cheaper than push-pull digital locks—but only by about $25 or so. 

This price difference might be enough incentive for some people who don’t need their doors as secure but still want something that looks nice on their door handles!

If you’re really looking for a way to secure & protect yourself against unwanted visitors while still being able to open your door easily when necessary (like if an emergency arises), then consider getting a lever handle lock system installed at home today!

Pricing Range : $569-$849

Push-Pull Digital lock vs. Lever Handle Digital Locks

Push-Pull Digital Locks

-Push-Pull Digital locks are more secure than lever handle or push button keyless entry systems.

-The lock mechanisms in a Push-Pull Digital Lock are designed to resist attempts to open the door with any tool or weapon.

-They also have anti-pick features that prevent someone from snapping the lock off its bolt with their fingers (or anything else).

Push Button Keyless Entry Systems

-In contrast to Push-Pull devices that require you to insert your key into them before opening the door, Keyless Entry Systems allow you access by pressing or pulling on a button located near where you want to be able to enter through doors without keys.

-When a person within range presses down on one of these buttons, a radio signal is transmitted through an antenna attached outside each home’s main entrance point, allowing entry without needing additional tools other than their hands!



Push-pull digital locks and lever handles are two types of digital locks that have been gaining popularity over the years. For more information on these types of locks, check out our digital lock collections. We are an authorized dealer of 10 popular brands like kaiser, Hafele, loghome, igloohome, Samsung, kaadas, solity, and more! Feel free to explore the digital lock we offer!

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