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Clavis CRF-1000K Digital Door Lock


Clavis CRF-1000K – The World’s Slimmest Fingerprint Rim Lock with Self-Learning Technology. It is suitable for use with various door types.

It allows for 3-in-1 Fingerprint, Passcode, RFID Card Access

Key Features:

  • Up to 30 RFID proximity cards can be registered.
  • Can switch between manual and automatic lock modes
  • It can set internal lock mode and external lock mode.
  • The semiconductor fingerprint module can be used to unlock the fingerprint with one click.
  • Use four AA alkaline batteries, don’t be afraid of a power failure at home.
  • Steel-wood door, copper sulfide door, white iron door, wooden door and aluminum door can be installed.
  • The surface is processed with a hairline pattern; no fingerprints remain after entering the password.
  • It can use a virtual password to improve password security and prevent others from peeping.
  • If the electronic lock is out of power, it is equipped with an emergency external power interface. After powering on the 9V battery, enter the password to open the door lock. Please replace the battery as soon as possible.
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Capacitive Sensor 

State of the art capacitive biometric sensor with LED backlight for visual feedback. 8K algorithm enables quick authentic can even when only part of the fingerprint is scanned. The automatic machine learning function improves recognition speed over time.

Keypad with Hairlines

Fingerprint-resistant keypad helps to prevent PIN code exposure…

Slim Form Factor 

At only 13mm thick, the CR series is the slimmest rim lock on the market…

Precision Engineering

100% made in Korea compliant to rigorous KC certification criteria

Clavis CRF-1000K Features:

Automatic Locking: The lock is automatically locked after the door closing.

Internal Forced Lock: Inside locking device attached doubles security and improves safety

Fake Pin Code: Press any password before you input the correct password. This function prevents password exposure.

High-Temperature Alarm: In case of fire, the heat-detecting sensor will automatically unlock the door and sound an alarm in case detected temperatures reach 60°C (±10).

Bulgar (Break-in / Damage) Alarm: Built-in sensors will detect any case of attempted forcible entry and trigger a loud alarm sound.

Wrong-Try Out Lock: All the functions are stopped for a duration of 1-2 minutes if an unregistered P/W is entered 3 times or more.

Emergency Power Supply: This product is designed to use an emergency external power source (9V) in case of dead batteries.

Low Battery Warning Sound: A sound will ring when the door is open/closed indicating the need to replace batteries.

On-Time Silent Mode: Advance mode can be for the professional and high-security management system.

Volume Control: The user can control the volume

Advance Mode Options:

Interface With External Device(Optional): The door lock can interface with external devices which is Z-wave, smartphone, or Tablet PC for the smart home to open the door lock.

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