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Kaiser+ M2000 Deadbolt Digital Door Lock


Kaiser+ M2000 Deadbolt Digital Door Lock

3 Ways Funtions: Password, RFID Card, Mechanical Key

Addon Options:
→ Remote Control: Don’t even need to touch the lock
→ Wi-Fi : Smartphone app connect

  • Life water proof
  • Anti fire inbody
  • Automatic door open over 70°C
  • Alarm door over 70°C

Addon Deals:

Remote Control: +120$ | WiFi Module: +150$

SKU: Kaiser+ M2000 Deadbolt Digital Door Lock


Kaiser+ M2000 Deadbolt Digital Door Lock | Premium Smart Deadbolt Digital Door Lock

Door opening function with the use of password, RIF Card & Mechanical Key: You can use your password and card key conveniently and freely make settings and changes.

Fire safety function: It operates at a certain heat(65°C±10°C) in case of fire, which may somewhat vary by installation environment.

External double locking device: While you are out for long hours , operation of the indoor buttons can be stopped, through which theft through the milk drop is prevented.

Connection to home network system(Optional): Door opening is possible indoors through a connection to the remote controller or wireless transmitter.

Alarm function in case of house breaking and theft: If a wrong password is entered 3 or more times, all the operation is stopped for 30 seconds, and forced door-opening results in an alarm sounding.

Self-diagnosis function: The door lock itself diagnoses defect, and informs you of malfunction or the battery change time through the alarm.

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Additional information

Module for remote control or Wifi

Yes (+$40), No

Remote Control

Yes (+$80), No


Yes (+$100), No


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