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Klever K500F Bluetooth Push-Pull Digital Door Lock


Klever K500F Bluetooth Push Pull Digital Lock

5 Easy Way to Open: Bluetooth, Fingerprint, Passcode, RFID Tag & Mechanical Key

  • Passcode hide function is to prevent someone from noticing the actual passcode.
  • The door locks automatically a certain time after the door closes.
  • The high-temperature function activates at 60 degrees or higher and alarm goes off at 80dB.
  • Alarms for 5 seconds and door lock does not work for 25 seconds.

Smart and Safe Lock Function:

  • Auto-close
  • One Push Anti Panic function
  • LED display OPEN and CLOSE
  • Fire detect function
  • Intrusion Alert Function
  • Prank Prevention Function
SKU: Klever K500F


Klever K500F Features:

  • Chrome Silver
  • Register up to 50 RF Tags
  • Register up to 100 Fingerprints
  • Passcode Hide
  • Multi-Level Volume Control
  • TEXT indicator
  • High Temperature Alert
  • Intrusion Alert
  • Prank Prevention
  • Low Battery Alert
  • Remote Controller CDL-R120/R100 (OPTION)

Klever K500F Functions:

  • Anti-Panic of One-Push way
  • Smart Touch Pad
  • Etiquette Mode Function
  • Low Battery Function
  • Master Passcode / RF Tag Function
  • Prank Prevention Function
  • Passcode Hide Function
  • Prevention of electronic shock & static
  • Durability of Strong Material
  • Intrusion Alert Function
  • Fire Detection Function
  • Fireproof Feature

Power: 6V DC (4pcs of 1.5V AA type Alkaline batteries)

Out-body : 84x385x82 mm (Al Die casting)
In-body : 84x382x82 mm (Fire Retardant ABS / Al Die casting)

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