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Philips EasyKey 702E Digital Door Lock


Philips 702E Digital Door Lock | Easykey 702E Digital Door Lock

  • Smartphone App using Wi-Fi
  • Fingerprint (up to 100)
  • RFID Card (up to 100)
  • User Pin Code (up to 10)
  • One-time Pin Code (up to 1)
  • Mechanical Key (come with 2 key)

Way To Access: Fingerprint, Passcode, RFID Card, Mechanical Key, WiFi

SKU: Philips Easykey 702E


Philips EasyKey 5100K Technical Specification:

  • Various Ways of Unlocking
  • Fully Auto Mortise
  • Touch to Unlock
  • Build-in WiFi Module
  • Indoor infrared sensor unlock
  • Dual Verification
  • Multiple Alert

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