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Samsung SHS-DP728 (DP920) Digital Lock


Top Selling Digital Lock in Singapore

    • The Unique Push & Pull Design which allows you to unlock the door hands free
    •  The Digital Lock with all the function such as 100 fingerprint, 30 user-password or RFID Card and 5 mechanical Key, Bluetooth smartphone  connection
  • Best Selling Made in KOREA DIGITAL LOCK
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Samsung DP728 Digital Lock

(Available in Silver & Champagne Gold) is the most latest Samsung Digital Lock in Singapore.

New Concept in Door Locks PUSH PULL
World 1st Biometric PUSH PULL door lock concept
  • Bluetooth smartphone connection
  • Fingerprint/ RFID Card / PIN Access
  • Digital Touch Keypad with Random Codes
  • Welcome feature for Users (Sensor Detects any motions within 70cm range)
  • Status Notification Feature
  • Alert system for any possible intruders
  • Securing door management with robust dual structure
  • PIN to administer enrolment and deletion
  • Manner Mode for quiet night outings
  • Advanced operation logic
  • Emergency external battery terminal
  • Emergency mechanical bypass Key
  • Indoor wireless Remote Controller (Optional)

Most people love this digital lock because it carries all the functions and the design matches every door

**This is a local english version Samsung digital door lock, DP920 is the parallel import set.

Download: Samsung SHP-P728 Product Catalogue | Samsung SHP-P728 User Manual


SHP-DP728 Samsung Door Lock is World’s first PUSH PULL model door lock. It comes with advanced unlock authentication methods like Bluetooth, Fingerprint, RFID card, Passcode to unlock your door. Using Home mobile app to unlock your door and view your family members In-out activity. Samsung Digital Door Lock comes with 2 years local warranty & life time technical support.


Integrated with Bluetooth & Mobile App – Home Doorlock

Real-time push notifications on doorlock activity (in and out)

Instant unlocking with registered hand phone via Bluetooth

Viewing of door access event log in cloud anytime & anywhere


Auto card detection

User-friendly instruction display

Instant silent mode for quiet entry / exit

Automatic wake up when IR Sensor detects motion


Push Pull door handle (Push to open and Pull to exit)

Access by Fingerprint / RFID Card /

Pin Code / Override Key


Automatic motion detection to detect suspicious movements via IR Sensor

Safe and robust design to withstand forced entry

Push notifications via smartphone

The entry of family members is notified to you via push messages. You can be notified of your family people entering your home as well.

Bluetooth pairing authentication

Unlock your door with your smartphone and enter your premises quickly and safely.

In & Out activity log

You are notified whenever your family members return via push messages.

* You can select whether to use your entry log or not.

Most convenient way to open doors; do not turn, just push!


TWO Steps (grab and turn)



TWO Steps (grab and turn)


Introducing the world’s first PUSH PULL doorlock concept

Just as you open your car door,

You can easily open the door by pulling it or by pushing it with your body,

You can easily open when your two hands are busy carrying.

Speedy and accurate access with the optical finger print authentication


Before you enter your password, you are guided to push two random numbers to prevent the password from being inferred based on the fingerprints on the frequently pushed numbers and from being seen by anyone nearby.

Auto wake up feature

As you get close to the door, the door lock greets you with LED light on the keypad. You don’t even need to touch the keypad with your hands. A warning tone sounds if someone hovers in front of the door lock for over a minute.

Silent Mode

If you have a little child or often enter/exit your home late at night, you can adjust the volume or mute the key tone ore the door opening melody for your family or neighbourhood.

Suspicious movement alert

When the equipped IR sensor detects any suspicious movements for prolonged periods of time, the door lock sounds a warning siren to ward off unwanted guests.

Low Battery Alarm

If the batteries are running low, The door lock informs you through a specific melody or keypad LED. You can easily replace the batteries without having to check the battery life

Emergency ready

In the event an emergency such as a fire or earthquake, the one step push-pull handle helps to facilitate a quick and safe escape from the house.

One-touch Anti-theft set-up

Set up the intruder prevention feature with a single touch to burglar-proof your home when your family is away. During this feature, an alarm is set off when the lock is operated from the inside; a sign of a burglar attempting to make an escape.

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