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Schlage S818G Digital Gate Lock


Schlage S818G Unlocking Methods : Fingerprint / Pin Code / RFID Card/ Override Key / Remote Control

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Schlage S818G Technical Specification:

Material: Outdoor Unit: Zn, PC Indoor Unit: Al, ABS
Colours: Black
Unlocking Methods : Fingerprint / Pin Code / RFID Card / Override Key / Remote Control
Applicative Gate Thickness: 30-50mm
Power Supply: 4pcs AA alkaline batteries
Applicative Gate: All type of metal Gates
Master PIN Code: 1
User PIN Codes : 10
Fingerprint Capacity: 100
RFID Card Capacity: 100
Battery Life : Upto 1 Year
Emergency Power: 5V Power Bank
Cross Weight : 1.8 KG
Warranty : 2 Years
Used for: Office / HDB / Condominium / Landed

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