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Should You Make the Switch to a Digital Door Lock?


Are you still using old-fashioned metal keys to lock and unlock your doors? If so, upgrading to a digital smart lock may be time. Traditional keys and locks are outdated technology, while smart locks offer a convenient, secure, and connected solution for controlling access to your home. Smart locks that are connected to your home can integrate with your Wi-Fi network and smartphone, giving you remote access and control over who comes and goes from your property.

Digital locks minimize the hassle of lost or misplaced keys, save you money on re-keying fees, and provide peace of mind that only authorized users can enter your space. As smart home devices become increasingly popular, a smart lock allows you to seamlessly incorporate security into your connected home. If control, convenience, and security are priorities for you, a smart lock could be the simple upgrade that enhances your home in a big way.

Common Concerns and How Digital Locks Address Them

  • Security: Digital locks are better protected and integrate with your existing security system.
  • Connectivity: No more lost keys – your lock connects to your Wi-Fi and smartphone, giving you remote access and control.
  • Cost: Upfront costs have decreased while long-term savings on keys, re-keying fees, and emergency services make them affordable.
  • Ease of Use: Digital locks are simple to set up, program, and use with an intuitive touchscreen interface.

Key Features and Benefits of Digital door locks:

Here are some specialties of Digital door locks:

• ConvenienceControl your lock from anywhere using an app on your phone. No more carrying keys. Set or change access codes anywhere on the go.

• Customization: Set personalized passcodes, fingerprints, keycards, and schedules for family members. As your needs change, quickly adjust access for guests, roommates, children, etc.

• Smart ConnectivityThere are several brands that offer smart home integrations which Link your lock to other smart home devices for an integrated experience. Receive notifications when doors open or close, and activate lights, sound, or cameras if there is an unauthorized entry.

• Remote Opening: Let guests or contractors access your home remotely at specific dates/times. Generate one-time access codes that expire automatically for added security.

• Audit TrailSee a report of who accessed your lock and when with the digital audit trail. Ensure all entries are authorized for enhanced security awareness.

• No Lost Keys: Never worry about family members losing their keys or being locked out again. Digital keys can’t get lost, stolen, or misplaced. This is the main reason why the digital lock is a stand-out product!

• Pin Codes and Biometric Access: Enter numeric pin codes, touch screens, or swipe fingerprints/keycards for hands-free convenience and security. Biometric access uses your unique fingerprint for ultra-secure entry.

• Schedule Control: Set schedules to automatically lock and unlock doors at specific times. Ensure all doors are secure when you’re away from home for work or sleeping at night.

• Integrated Camera: Some smart locks feature an integrated HD camera that allows you to see, hear and speak to anyone at your doorstep before letting them in. Provides an extra layer of visibility and security.

• Records Backup: Your lock keeps a digital record of access points and times. View reports to see when doors opened/closed and by whom in case of issues or emergencies. Records can be accessed even without a network connection.

Considerations Before Making the Switch

1. Security Needs: One of the most important considerations before making the switch to a digital door lock is assessing your security needs. Consider factors like how often people visit your home, whether you need to grant temporary access to guests or service providers, and how frequently you travel. Digital locks offer several unique features that can provide added security benefits.

2. Compatibility: Digital door locks come in various models and designs, and not all of them will work with your existing door hardware. It’s essential to ensure that the lock you intend to purchase is compatible with your current setup before making a purchase. Normally make sure the digital lock is compatible with the thickness of your door.

3. Power Source: Some digital locks require batteries while others don’t; you’ll want to consider how convenient it is for you if you need a constant battery replacement or if there’s an alternative power source available.

4. Cost: Investing in a new door lock can be a significant expense depending on what model and brand you choose; however, it’s wise not always go for cheaper options as they may have limited features and lower quality compared to more expensive ones which tend to have better warranties and customer support services should something go wrong.

When going over the price, take a look at the top digital locks below and choose the one that will work best for your front door.

Different Digital door lock options and pricing:

1) Kaiser Plus M1500SNK Digital Door Lock

2)Kaiser Plus M1590SKK Digital Door Lock

3) Solity GP-2000BK Digital Door Lock

4) Klever K500F Bluetooth Push-Pull Digital Door Lock

5) Hafele PP9000 Digital Door Lock


In summary, while digital door locks represent a significant upfront investment, they offer compelling benefits that make them a worthwhile upgrade for many homeowners. Digital door locks provide unparalleled convenience, security, and control over access to your property. No more lost keys, re-keying fees, or being locked out—with a digital lock, you’ll always have the ability to unlock your doors with just a tap or swipe.

By upgrading to a digital smart lock, you’ll gain unlimited convenience and heightened security for years to come while eliminating the hassles of traditional keys. Overall, for many homeowners, a digital door lock is an upgrade that simply makes sense.

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