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Unlock Your Gates for Greater Security

Let’s face it, gates offer a certain level of safety and security that is hard to ignore. But keeping them secure can be a bit tricky at times – especially if you’re trying to figure out which digital lock type for your gate is best for you! Don’t worry though, we’ve got your back.

Here’s a quick look at the five main types of digital locks you can use for your gates so you can choose one confidently.

From fingerprint recognition to a dual unlocking system, these are the modern gate guarders that will ensure your property is safeguarded while still providing easy access. So, what are you waiting for? Read on and find out which digital lock will work best for you!

Kaiser Plus M1500GNK Digital Gate Lock

Back in the day, unlocking a gate was more complex than it’s now. Thankfully, those days are long gone, thanks to high-tech digital locks like the Kaiser Plus M1500GNK.

This innovative device allows you to open your gate with five different unlocking methods: RFID cards, Passwords, Mechanical Key, Remote, or WiFi (optional).

So don’t stick to the same old, outdated options – step up your gate game and choose the Kaiser Plus M1500GNK! It is the best gate digital lock that we offer!

Why is this a must-have?

Here is why (features and benefits) :

  1. Security and Safety: With Kaiser Plus M1500GNK Digital Gate Lock, you won’t have to worry about the safety of your premises with its multi-layered unlocking options; RFID cards, Password, Mechanical Key, Remote and even WiFi (optional).
  1. Fire Protection: It’s not just about keeping unauthorized people out, but also about protecting your family from fire safety threats (perfect for Singapore HDB, CONDO flats, etc). The Kaiser Plus M1500GNK Digital Gate Lock will alert you in case the door rises above 70 degrees Celsius, and open automatically at that temperature – giving you peace of mind.
  1. Durability: You don’t have to worry about it breaking down anytime soon either as it comes with a 2-year warranty!
  1. Versatility:Last but not least -the Kaiser Plus M1500GNK Digital Gate Lock is designed specifically for Singapore metal gates so you know that it will fit any metal gates perfectly.

Kaiser Plus M1590GNK Digital Gate Lock

The Kaiser Plus M1590GNK Digital Gate Lock is the ultimate solution for secure access to your Singapore metal gates. This revolutionary technology boasts five secure methods of unlocking: Fingerprint, RFID cards, Passwords, Override Keys, and Remote Device opening from inside the house.

Best of all, there is no need for a security metal box due to its single-button closure design, providing the most convenient and economical way to secure your gate.

With unmatched reliability and durability coupled with advanced features like Touchscreen compatibility and Self-Learning Algorithms, the Kaiser Plus M1590GNK Digital Gate Lock is the ideal way to keep your home and property safe.

Why this is a must-have?

Five Reasons Why You Need the Kaiser Plus M1590GNK Digital Gate Lock :  

  1. Enhanced Security:With up to 100 fingerprints, 20 fake passcodes, 1 master password and 50 RFID cards, this digital gate lock provide top-of-the-line security for your metal gates.
  1. Convenience: Enjoy seamless access with multiple authentication options including prints, passwords, a master code, and RFID cards. The advanced lock also features an automatic door opening over 70 C and an emergency alarm in case of fire.
  1. Durable Design: Made of high-quality materials, the Kaiser Plus M1590GNK Digital Gate Lock is designed to withstand extreme weather elements and other conditions that can potentially damage the lock.
  1. Warranty:The digital gate lock comes with a two-year warranty, meaning you don’t have to worry about long-term repair or replacement costs.
  1. Affordable: Offering excellent value for money, the Kaiser Plus M1590GNK Digital Gate Lock is one of the most affordable digital gate locks available on the market today.

Solity GD-65B Smart Gate Lock

Experience Double Security with the Solity GD-65B Dual Fingerprint Digital Gate Lock, With the Solity GD-65B, you are guaranteed maximum security with dual unlocking technology. You can use your fingerprint or a customizable passcode to gain access.

The font size of the keypad is 20% larger than comparable locks, reducing the chances of entering an incorrect code. And it’s not just fingerprints and passcodes;

This lock provides 8 types of authentication such as : 

-RFID cards



-Password access

-mechanical keys

-remote control

-Optional WiFi for added convenience and protection

This is an excellent, innovative gate lock to secure your Singapore or office entrance!

Hafele GL5600 Digital Gate Lock

The Hafele GL5600 Digital Gate Lock is a work of art and technological feat that comes with 5 entry mode options: Fingerprint (up to 100 fingerprints), Passcode, RFID Card, Mechanical Key, and Auto/Manual locking mode. It is designed to increase home security.

Most of the brands in Singapore only offer free shipping some over Singapore, but we do that, and also it gives a 1-year warranty. The technical specifications include a master password and user password, as well as an auto/manual locking mode.

The Benefits of using Hafele GL5600 Digital Gate Lock :

-Six Forms of Authentication: Enjoy maximum security with the ability to unlock your gate with up to six authentication methods.

-User Password and Master Password Management: Securely manage who can access the lock with user and master passwords.

-Flexible Locking Mode: Set either manual or auto-locking mode for ultimate safety and convenience.

-Random Number Entry: Protect against theft with a unique password that includes a random number for added security.

-Voice Installation Guide: Installing the lock is made easy with an English and Chinese voice installation guide available.

-Low Battery Warning: Receive an audible signal when the battery life is low, so you can stay on top of its condition.

-Intrusion Prevention: Rest easy knowing you’ll be protected from any attempted intrusions.

-User-Friendly Interface: Enjoy effortless use with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for anybody to use.

-Two-Year Warranty: Feel safe in the knowledge that you have a 2-year warranty included with the purchase.

Loghome LH310MG Digital Gate Lock

The Loghome LH310MG Digital Gate Lock is the perfect solution to secure your home. This revolutionary digital lock is specially designed to fit Singapore HDB gates and can be installed easily on existing gates with two wooden panels that provide additional support.

You can unlock your gate with a pin code, RFID card, mechanical key, or remote control – giving you complete control over your home. And thanks to its innovative RFID access, you only need one card to unlock the door and gate simultaneously. With the Loghome LH310MG Digital Gate Lock, enjoy improved security and convenience for your home today!


5 Reasons Why You Need Loghome LH310MG Digital Gate Lock (features and benefits) :

  1. Emergency Key:Loghome LH310MG Digital Gate Lock comes with a convenient emergency key that can be used to access the gate in case of an emergency.
  2. Fire Detection Sensor/Alarm:This lock is equipped with a fire detection sensor that will immediately alert you when a fire is detected giving you an opportunity to address the emergency.
  3. Auto-Lock Capability:Loghome LH310MG Digital Gate Lock has auto-lock capability that ensures your gate remains secure even when you are away. You can set the duration of auto lock to perform
  4. Dual Lock Mode:Its internal and external dual-lock mode provides added security and convenience to the user by ensuring that the gate only opens from either side when authorized.
  5. Force-Open Alarm & Battery Residual Identification: The force-open alarm notifies you if an unauthorized attempt is made to open the gate, while its battery residual identification & replacement time alarm function helps you monitor your battery life and avoid unexpected outages due to inadequate power supply.

Final words :

Digital locks are the perfect solution for automated urban living and provide a convenient, secure, and affordable way to access your gate. With five different types of digital locks available, it’s easy to find one that meets your needs.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional keypad or a more advanced biometric lock, you can rest easy knowing that your home or office is secured with the latest technology. With its unbeatable combination of security and convenience, it’s no wonder why digital locks are gaining so much popularity in Singapore.

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